Brett Bloemendaal 10 lb Walleye
Brett Bloemendaal 10 lb Walleye

Brett of Bloemendaal Guide Service showing off his 30 inch, 10 pound walleye caught in Devil's Lake, North Dakota.


Beyer Release
Beyer Release

Brett Bloemendaal 10 lb Walleye
Brett Bloemendaal 10 lb Walleye

Brett of Bloemendaal Guide Service showing off his 30 inch, 10 pound walleye caught in Devil's Lake, North Dakota.

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Guided Fishing on Lake Sakakawea & Devils Lake

Based in Garrison, ND

Your Trip

Head over to the "Your Trip" page to get a better idea of what to expect during a day on the water and what you should bring. We clean your catch at day's end and provide bait both as part of the rate package.

We'll post information about all of our catches to keep you up to date on the bite and help plan your trip. Subscribe to the reports below to be added to our mailing list and get notifications of fresh reports.

Guiding Rates


Full Day (8 hours)


$300 for 1 person

$450 for 2 people

$600 for 3 people

$700 for 4 people

($100 deposit for booking)

If booking 3+ days, discount $50/day for 2, $100/day for 3+ people

Cash, check, PayPal or Venmo

Rates are for guided fishing trips to Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota. Other locations can be discussed upon request.

Featured on Fishing the Midwest TV:

We had the opportunity to fish and film with the crew of Fishing the Midwest and Jason Foss in early October of 2020 and make our TV debut!

Welcome to the Home of Bloemendaal Guide Service

(Your Trusted Lake Sakakawea Fishing Guides)

Mission Statement:

"Share the Joy of Fishing with As Many People As Possible"

Bloemendaal Guide Service exists to execute this simple mission: Share the family joy of fishing with as many people as possible. We know that not everyone has a boat or the gear or the expertise to go out and chase big walleyes across Lake Sakakawea - and other great fisheries like Devils Lake in North Dakota, and that's okay...because we love taking people! Even if you've never fished before, we vow to show you the time of your life on the water, because there's nothing like the sensation of a fish from the depths tugging on your line when you least expect it, especially when that fish is of trophy-caliber size! And when that thing comes to the surface and rolls into the landing net...chills, baby! Chills! could go spend $50,000-$90,000 on a good fishing boat, another $50,000 on a vehicle to pull it, plus lifejackets, lures, rods...I mean, you're looking at easily a $100,000 investment for a few trips a year. And you still haven't figured out where to sleep! Or where to find the fish! Or when to fish them, or what tactics work, etc. can just hire us, your exclusive Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake fishing guide service, for $300-700 / day (depending on number of fisher people), and not let your other $100,000 sit in the garage or a storage shed 98% of the year...keep it in your bank account for the things in life you really care about. Then when it's time to go, call us, your favorite Lake Sakakawea & Devil's Lake Guide Service! 

Fishing is also a wonderfully therapeutic return to nature that revives the soul and the senses and makes you feel alive again. I should know because it revived me, my soul, my life, and now my career! It can be its own form of "meditation" (especially during the slow afternoons when the fish sometimes take naps), the sunlight and the Vitamin D are great for your skin (so long as you don't over expose...bring sunscreen), and the time to connect with your friends and family, not to mention us awesome guides, is a priceless bonus.


Also, if you so choose, we record most of our fishing action on a GoPro action camera, so you can have a video memory of trip highlights to rewatch forever, which is what we believe really sets us apart. We can accommodate up to four fisher people in our boat and have other boats in our network for larger groups. If you want to know where to stay in the area, we will point you in the right direction with some fantastic lodging. 

So if you're been dying to get out on the boat - or just want a new experience - and want expertise and great equipment to get you out on Lake Sakakawea and/or Devils Lake - or other locations by request - give us a call or drop a message on our contact page. We start fishing sometime in April once the ice melts and go all throughout the fall season until it's too cold or people stop calling.

What You Need to Know About Your Trip

The Experience in One Minute (or Less)