New Book Coming Soon - Fishing for More!

Fishing for More, a new memoir, is coming out later this year. Once it's available for pre-order, you'll be able to read the first few chapters for free with the e-reader toward the bottom of this page. In the meantime, we loaded up his short personal essay, Chasing 30, to give you something to preview in the reader. You can also use the subscribe form below to get updates on the book release and all things Bloemendaal Guide Service. When the book is ready for publication, we'll have more details, sneak-peaks, and links to retailers where it can be purchased.

Book Blurb:

What are you willing to let go in order to obtain the life you truly want? In this honest and intimate debut memoir, the author discards any widely-held notions of a successful life and sets out to write his own script.

Stuck in a tedious corporate life and suffering from a declining physical state, the memories of father/son fishing trips consume the author. After the passing of his grandfather reminds him of the precious time he has left with his own dad, he suggests they purchase a boat together. While reacquainting themselves with the craft of walleye fishing and the vagaries of boat ownership, and unexpected momentum builds toward a potential way out of the corporate grind. As visions of a fishing guide business quickly take shape, he is faced with a massive career choice; hold on to the perceived financial security of a company job or throw it all away to follow his passion. Testing the waters becomes a cathartic process both of personal growth and reacquaintance with his old, childhood self.


A must read for any fisherman, however the powerful reflections on life and purpose alongside vivid descriptions of the author’s fishing adventures have made this memoir a favorite for many non-anglers alike. Whether you’re looking to find yourself, recreate yourself, or just need a vicarious escape from the tedium of life, this relatable story of adventure is sure to inspire you. The author’s genuine yet mildly irreverent style will have you laughing one page, crying the next, and give you a sense of hope for your own personal journey.


A perfect caricature drawing of my dad alongside his father and grandfather would look like a trio of bobblehead dolls with Hulk fists holding hammers, shovels, and fishing poles.

It’s entirely possible over one thousand pounds of aluminum would’ve pulverized me before I ever got a chance to use it.

“I just spent all day untangling messed up rods, baiting hooks, re-rigging broken lines, and getting them out of snags. And it was one of the best days of my life.”

As this one got near the surface, my eyes bulged, and my heart thumped like a drum. I was into a different class of fish here, and while I was casually talking to the camera during the fight, I got intensely serious as I drew my net.

Leaning back toward the cooler, he overshoots his mark and lands on the back of the cooler, prompting it to roll backward and propel him into a back somersault headfirst over the side of the boat and into the water.

Dad didn’t have his badass Jean-Claude Van Damme hair anymore, and I was no longer a wide-eyed kid who saw him as an all-knowing mythical figure. He was human, not Hercules, and at this point we were just two guys trying to figure it out…

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When the new book becomes available for pre-order, you'll be able to read the first few chapters below. In the meantime, you can read his short personal essay, Chasing 30, while we works on editing the upcoming release. Perhaps it'll inspire you to come up to North Dakota and chase down a trophy walleye of your own!

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