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Wall Hangers 2024!

Up-to-date standings on the biggest walleyes caught with Bloemendaal Guide Service! See where your fish ranks!

Through July 4 - 2024
Ray Van Orden - 28.00
Teddy Konechne - 26.50
Chris Konechne - 26.25
Nick Shine - 25.50
Rene Suda - 25.25
Rich Seitz - 25.00
Angie McGargill - 24.50
Rich Seitz - 24.00
RT - 24.00

Rules of the Game

Note: Due to the ever-increasing costs of replicas and fishing in general, we will not be providing a replica mount this year. However, the winner will still receive a prize of some kind yet to be determined. If anyone is interested is sponsoring a replica mount, however, feel free to message me and we can arrange something. Good luck with the contest in 2024!

1) Longest walleye by length (must also be 26 inches or more) during the 2024 open water season wins a prize yet to be determined



2) Length measurements are done by pinching the tail and rounding down to the nearest quarter inch


3) In case of a tie, the first caught is considered the victor


4) Fish must be caught in my boat by a paying client (clients who won free or discounted trips via raffles will count as “paying clients”)


5) The fish must be released safely or at least attempted to be released; if not able to revive after fight will still count


6) We will update the standings on a frequent basis so you can follow on social media and our Wall Hangers tab of the website,


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