Wall Hangers 2021!

Up-to-date standings on the biggest walleyes caught with Bloemendaal Guide Service in one epic contest for a free replica mount! That's right...the client who catches the biggest walleye in our boat during the 2021 open water fishing season is going to get a fiberglass replica as a keepsake...on us!

Scott 27.5 Pic 3
Scott 27.5 Pic 3

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Jepsen 27 Pic 1
Jepsen 27 Pic 1

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Scott 27.5 Pic 3
Scott 27.5 Pic 3

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Current Standings - September 18, 2021
Scott Hofmann - 27.50
Wayne Jepsen - 27.00
Kendra Carlson - 27.00
Trish Bloemendaal - 26.50
Aubreigh McCall - 25.50
Mike Connelly - 24.75
Blythe Bloemendaal* - 24.50
Dave Hefner - 24.00
Gregg "Ernie" Sly - 24.00
Mike Connelly - 23.25
Mike Connelly - 23.00
Bruce Schlichting - 22.50
Clayton Blachford - 22.50
Dave Hefner - 22.25
Scott Hofmann - 22.25
Joe Grider - 22.25
Mike Connelly - 22.00

Rules of the Game

1) Longest walleye by length during the 2020 open water season wins a free replica made by Jackson Taxidermy Studio in Garrison, ND, and shipped to your house



2) Length measurements are done by pinching the tail and rounding down to the nearest quarter inch


3) In case of a tie, the first caught is considered the victor


4) Fish must be caught in my boat by a paying client (clients who won free or discounted trips via raffles will count as “paying clients”)


5) The fish must be released safely (we will take measurements of length, girth, digital weight, and a number of photos for a great fiberglass replica)


6) We will update the standings on a frequent basis so you can follow on social media and our Wall Hangers tab of the website, bloemendaalfishing.com


7) Second place will receive a Bloemendaal Guide Service shirt


8) Third place will receive a Bloemendaal Guide Service hat


Also, for any photos y’all take of your big fish with us this year we’d greatly appreciate you posting them on social media and tagging #wallhangers2021 and Bloemendaal Guide Service or #bloemendaalfishing in your post.