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Trusted Gear

There are a lot of products we trust to get people on fish, keep things working, and keep safe and comfortable. If you've fished with us or watched any of the YouTube videos, you've probably seen this stuff in the boat or the vehicle. I do have some affiliate arrangements with the companies of some of these products, including the Amazon Associate program, so I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. The commission won't affect your purchase price at all, but it does help support this website and my business. That said, I won't put anything on this page that I don't use and trust.

Apparel & Cold Gear

There are obviously tons of great dry-fit-like fishing shirts out there, but this one from AFTCO might be my favorite. It's durable, light-weight, true to fit, all the great things.

Simms may be a "trendy" thing right, now but it's for good reason. This is literally the best cold-weather coat I've ever owned. Nothing is more waterproof, warmer, and light-weight for comfort that I've ever tried. Quite possibly my favorite clothing purchase of all time. Also has plenty of room for layering underneath.

Warmest and most comfortable heavy-duty glove I've owned. I recommend getting a size larger than normal to optimal movement.

Rods, Line & Tackle

For late summer all through fall, it's tough to beat snap jigging, and it's tough to beat Jigging Raps. What else can I say?

When it comes to jigging, braid gives you the best feel, and seeing the line is a huge advantage. No better hi-vis line/color in my opinion. I recommend pairing it with a 10-14 pound fluorocarbon leader before direct-tying to the jig.

For pure jigging applications. When I'm looking for a jigging rod, I want the most sensitivity at a great price point for stocking large numbers of client rods, and this is the best value I've found. The HMX is also great. I recommend 7'0" ML Fast action.

Video Gear

I wouldn't be able to get the main camera shots I do without this, and the fact that it can charge the GoPro all day is a bonus.

I have the Hero 5 Black, which is old. I can only imagine this would be better. I pair this with the YOLOtek Power Stick and the Saramonic mics for all the main footage in my YouTube fishing videos at Bloemendaal Fishing.

Prior to 2021, the biggest hinderance to more views on my videos was Sakakawea wind ruining audio. It's never perfect in wind, but this is as close as it gets and super easy to set up. Does require the GoPro external mic adapter.


I've never tried anything better at removing hard water stains from a boat. And bonus, the wax coating finish helps between heavier rounds of waxing during the season.

First and foremost, this is an economical way to keep tabs on your motor hours, but it also gives you much more insight about its performance. If you don't have digital gauges on your boat, I consider this a must have for a Mercury engine.

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