Bloemendaal Guide Service Merchandise

We have stores at two locations, one on Teespring and one on Redbubble. Teespring strictly has shirts, including the "What's Up Fisher People?" branded shirts, whereas RedBubble has guide service apparel and other items such as hats, pillows, phone cases, mugs, etc. Click on a product to link to its store page, or click the main storefront link buttons. Multiple colors will be available once you click the link and enter the store. We also have the cover art for Fishing for More on a number of products on Redbubble too, so check that out below as well. What you see below are just a select few of the products, so browse around the entire store on each to see what's all available.

Redbubble Store - Featured Products

Fishing Hat.jpg
BGS T-shirt.jpg
BGS Pillow.jpg
BGS Mug.jpg

Teespring Store - Featured Products

Fishing for More Book Art

Fishing for More Mug.jpg
Fishing for More Pillow.jpg
Fishing for More Notebook.jpg