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Sakakawea - February

Regardless of groundhog predictions, it could be an early spring fishing season on the lake this year. It wasn't iced over until January 24, the latest in the history of the reservoir, so unless spring is unusually cold, there shouldn't be very much ice to thaw out once the time comes. I'm hoping this could mean lots of opportunities for pre-spawn walleye fishing! I hope to be heading to North Dakota around April 15 to pick up our brand new Lund 202 Pro-V GL from Vallely Marine in Minot, so if weather cooperates, we may be able to start running trips by April 18 after getting things squared away. The weeks following could very well be the best time for someone to get an early lead in our 2021 Wall Hangers contest for a free replica as the large females put on the pounds to ready themselves for egg laying. It truly is the most exciting period for trophy walleye fishing!

Due to COVID, I've decided to continue our early booking discount through April 1 to help with planning and make the trips more accessible at a time when funds may be tight. That means if you pick dates and put down a deposit before then, you can fish at last year's rates ($300 for one person, $100 each additional person up to four) with a bigger, newer boat. And we're doing bulk discounts this year as well, so any trips three days or longer get the same discounted rates all season long. Check out the homepage for the full pricing schedule.

We will keep an eye on weather conditions and timing as we get closer to spring, but if you are looking forward to a fishing trip on Lake Sakakawea this year, think about setting something up soon as the popular dates are starting to go. Also, for you readers out there, check out our Books page for more information on the upcoming release of Brett's book! More details to come. Looking forward to seeing you all this season!

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