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About Your Guide

You're putting your trust and faith in us keeping you safe and finding you fish, so it's only fair that you ought to get to know us before jumping in the boat on the day of your trip!

My 10 lb Walleye Vertical_edited.jpg
Brett Bloemendaal

Licensed Guide and Walleye Enthusiast


Brett has been fishing since he could walk, and he's always the last person wanting to get off the water. He's most knowledgeable with ND walleye in Lake Sakakawea and Devil's Lake. If you're looking for a true fish nerd and true walleye diehard to give you everything he's got, this is your guy!

Blythe 26 inch Walleye.JPG
Blythe Bloemendaal

Licensed Guide and "Old School" Walleye Guy

Blythe knows how to chase walleye, especially on the Missouri River with classic trolling techniques. He brought his boys up on fishing after falling in love with Lake Oahe above Pierre, SD. He's even competed and placed in walleye tournaments over the years and he'll be sure to steer you in the right direction!

Brandon Pike.JPG
Brandon Bloemendaal

Licensed Guide??? and Pike/Muskie Enthusiast

Brandon wants to catch the biggest thing that swims, and he'll spend hours and days searching for them. That usually means large pike and muskie. If you really want a shot at a fish of a lifetime, book with Brandon.

We Love Big Fish!


This is your trip, and we'll fish for what you want, how you want; that's only fair. That said, while catching a limit of pan-fryers can be fun and delicious, we truly believe that the chance at a wall-hanger is what really makes the trip worthwhile. While obviously we can't guarantee a trophy, if that's what you want to go for, we'd love to go down fighting with you! Big fish tend not to run with the runts, so if we're going after the big gals, we might do things a little differently. It's good for us to know what your goals are, so speak up and make this trip yours!

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