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Missouri River - Platte, SD - May 26-28

What a difference a year makes...and a few weeks. Last year at this same time it was literally snowing when we put the boat in the water here by Platte. This year, right after the winter that hung on forever and prevented us from doing any spring fishing, the temps are just shy of 100 degrees, and the water temps are already north of 70 on most parts of the river. And there are a TON of boats out for the holiday weekend.

Not surprisingly, there are already a lot of fish out deep in 25-35 feet of water, but they're tough to catch, especially mid-day. We did still find some occasionally on the shallow flats, though, especially if there was some chop and/or a mudline, and we did still manage a limit of fish focusing on finding the cooler water (anything low 70's or high 60's) and some sort of sun break, again mudlines or chop. The size continues to be impressive out hear at Platte same as it was last year with a handful of healthy fish in the 17-20 inch range, and we saw a few 23-25's in the fish-cleaning station. Crankbaits were working for some, but we primarily hauled ours with bottom-bouncers and crawlers.

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