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Sakakawea - July 18

It's certainly summer now. Things have been a bit behind in the cycle this year, but the fish are definitely deeper now pretty much across the lake. Last few days we've fished a lot in 20-25 feet with a few fish in 30 and then occasionally sneaking up to 12-15 if there's a good feeding pod with some chop and mud lines. Hard to beat bottom bouncers and crawlers, but vertically jigging the deeper humps and points is starting to work as well.

As far as the East End goes, we're still dealing with a lot of migrating fish, basically a boom-or-bust sort of fishing experience. You rarely find the fish where you left them yesterday, so you have to move a ton, but when you find fish they can often be in large, hungry pods and you can make out really well in short order. Also, now that fish are out deeper and you're more likely to graph fish under the boat, I wouldn't drop lines until you see those marks or you're just burning a lot of daylight. Speaking of...earlier is still better, though we occasionally get a strong afternoon bite on the right days with some chop.

One other interesting thing to note, we have been slowing our trolling speed down a bit lately to get hit. You always tend to troll a little slower when you're deeper, but even when going in 15 feet, we've been moving more around 0.8-1.0 mph, sometimes plain crawlers without spinners, which seems to be more productive than the 1.2-1.4 mph that was working better a week ago. I'm not entirely sure the reasoning as I would think warmer summer weather would mean more speed, but take it for what it's could all change tomorrow.

I still have July 20-21, July 26-27, and July 29-30 available for anyone looking to make a near term trip here as well as some availability in August. Come on out to Garrison, ND, and get on some walleyes!

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