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Sakakawea - Sep 28

Things have definitely perked up the last couple days in the midst of some brutal wind, and it looks like the fall bite may be arriving. It's been a bit of a slog lately, one here, one there, but the fish are acting more aggressive now and biting shallower, up in 20-25 feet as opposed to the 35+ as of late. No surprise, the bait is up there now too. Our best action has also been back in some major bays, another sign fall is arriving.

The water temps are starting to dip below 60 degrees for the first time. Crankbaits have been the best action, but jig raps and jigs with minnows ought to be effective here soon as well. Things should only get better from here on out as the water continues to cool down, so if you've been waiting to plan that fall trip, I'd say the light has turned green now. We will be on the water till the end of October if the weather holds out that long, and we have some dates available. See y'all soon!

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