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Sakakawea - June 2

It's very much been a quality over quantity thing lately, especially around Garrison. Coming off those super cold water temps, the bite has been finicky, and we've had to work jigs and minnows painfully slow...let me repeat, PAINFULLY slow! But as of today, the temps have hit upper 50s to low 60s, so I expect that to be short lived. Most of our fish are still coming in 2-10 feet of water on jigs and minnows, and I expect to get some action out of plastics this coming week. I imagine crawlers and trolling may start to work as well, though I haven't pulled that gear out yet personally.

Typical this time of year, the best bite has been in the afternoon, but we've had a few mid morning now lately too. The east end has been off to a surprisingly early start, and most the fish we are getting are 18-22 inches with an occasional mid-20's kicker fish. And getting those fish shallow on jigs is an absolute riot! Last year that bite held out till mid June, so we should be able to work it for a little longer yet.

When the wind blows, we get some better concentrations of fish, and when it doesn't, they become more scattered, a fish or two per spot sort of thing. The big bays are still out performing, though Deepwater and Van Hook specifically haven't quite turned on yet to their full capacity. It could change any day, however.

June is booked full as of now for us, but we have some openings in July for those looking to come, and don't overlook August as that can be outstanding fishing, especially for numbers when the weather is mild!

Also, the book, Fishing for More, just went available for pre-order this week in digital format, and the hard and paperback print versions will be forthcoming. Official release date is September 1st, so if you pre-order, you'll get your copy then! If you want to check out a preview, look at the Books tab of this website, and you can read the intro and first four chapters for free to give it a shot!

And here are some recent videos If you'd like to watch:

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