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Sakakawea - May 15

The walleye migration has begun, and things are picking up around New Town this week. The bite has been tentative last couple days, some short bites for sure, but the water is still cool, and we haven't really had a breath of wind the last few days. Best approach has been dragging or pitching and slowly working jigs with minnows in 8-15 feet. If the wind blows, surely they could be taken shallower, but haven't found that the last two trips up there. Plastics haven't been great yet for us either, but that'll come shortly. Water temps are typically 52-55 degrees in the morning, and we saw surface temps pop to 60 by day's end.

The walleye bite is still slow out east, but the smallmouth have started turning on strong. Jigs and minnows or plastics seem to work equally as well. Lots of big pre-spawn females make for some epic fights. Soon the walleyes will kick in there too. And as a nice bonus, the salmon have been pretty active up shallow for crankbait trollers out east and even occasionally hitting a jig and minnow!

Got some pictures and some videos for those who may enjoy:

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