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Sakakawea - May 18

While New Town has been going strong post-spawn for a while, other places really perked up here this week. As of writing, there should be a solid walleye bite within twenty miles of most every spot on the system right now. Although, today's cold front and strong winds could put things off for a couple days as it mixes the water and drops the surface temps, so keep that in mind if you head out here soon. It may be briefly tougher, and it's almost always better afternoon as things warm up.

Every year brings a few new surprises to us walleye junkies on Sakakawea, and this year is falling right in line. While the obvious spots are doing well - major spawning bays and the river west of Van Hook - there is oddly strong action in pockets of the main lake. This bite has been deeper than normal spring fishing too, more in the 15-25 foot range. I've never heard of fish being caught consistently in the colder main lake during May, nor have I tried it, but I've heard too many reports from credible sources to ignore the trend. I'd love to have an answer as to why it's happening, but I have to plead ignorance. That said, my usual stuff is rounding into form, so I haven't lost too much sleep.

If you're fishing the "typical" spring bite, it's a jig-pitching thing, minnows for sure, but also curiously enough plastics have done really well right out the gate. Post-frontal days have fish hanging in 8-14 feet while nice warming trends bring the predictable shallow casting bite in 3-8 feet close to shore.

If you want to get out this year, I have some July openings and plenty of August through fall times. June is full, but there are a couple days yet in May I may consider sneaking in a one-day venture if you're interested.

Not much for photos yet, but here are some videos from the young season:

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