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Sakakawea - May 5

The walleye spawn on Lake Sakakawea is either in full swing or nearing completion. With that, action has slowed this past week, but now every day hereafter will be closer and closer to a hot post-spawn bite. The more warm weather, the better.

Water temps on the east end of the reservoir are around 43-47 as of today, and I'm hearing the western end is a little warmer per usual - around 50. Within a week or so the bite could really start to pick up, so those looking for a spring trip can look towards that timeline. Jig pitching shallow in 2-10 feet has been the most productive on warmer days, and when colder and cloudier you can often find the fish sliding deeper off the first break in 12-18 feet, but they can be a tougher nut to crack compared to the shallow fish.

The lake levels are down a few feet this year from last, and that's making for interesting changes and some sneaky shallow spots and obstacles if you're not careful. I suspect it could have a positive impact on the bite in the short run this year. The fish will have fewer places to go and become more concentrated, and the bait spawn could be smaller than normal making it easier to tempt fish into biting. At least history shows lower levels have been good for bites, but time will tell for sure.

Also of note, we have a partner for this year's Wall Hangers competition, Jackson Taxidermy Studio right here in Garrison, ND (check out their gallery via the link)! They do fantastic work, and I'm very excited for a lucky customer to take home the prize this year for biggest walleye!

Lastly, we've filmed some good videos so far this spring in the new Lund 202 Pro-V boat from Vallely Sport & Marine, so feel free to check those out below and get your trip booked before the year passes you by!

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