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Sakakawea - May 9

We are starting to see signs of post spawn life here on Sakakawea. Different parts of the lake are in different stages, but there has been a pretty consistent bite for a few days now above the Four Bears Bridge (New Town, ND). Still haven't seen much activity below there yet, but just a few days of warm weather could get it going. Water temps are ranging from 45-52 degrees depending on where you go.

The bite is primarily in 6-12 feet, typically wind blown shorelines with sand, gravel, or rock and gradually sloping. The fish I've seen have been ranging 16-23 inches, but there was a report of a 30.75 incher out of Lunds Landing a few days ago. Anything minnow-like has been successful, live bait rigs, jigs and minnows, jigs and plastics, and also crankbaits. When trolling, I've been moving about 0.8 mph with all of them, crankbaits included, to get bit while the water is still rather chilly.

While waiting out this cold snap for some warmer days, I've been encouraged doing some scouting in some areas here based on current water levels. Last year, as good as it was, the water was a bit high, and fish were a little more scattered and at times less structure-oriented. With levels being down a few feet now this spring, that might concentrate fish a little more and also puts the right amount of water over some really good spots that just weren't optimal last year. Time will tell, but I can't wait to hit those areas when water temps start nearing 60 degrees.

If you're ready to hit the great outdoors in order to cure cabin fever but also maintain some social distance, I hope you'll consider booking a trip. Things are starting to roll out here, and looking forward to a great year!

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