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Big Creek - May 10

In trying to find a local Des Moines spot for walleye for the days where I'm not able to trek to the Dakotas, we may have found some potential at Big Creek Reservoir. It wasn't fast and furious, but we picked off the occasional walleye either jigging minnows or trolling shad style crankbaits right on the ledges and breaklines where the depths dropped from 12-18 or 20 feet. The key with any bait seemed to be shad color...silver and black, minnows, hammered silver spinner blades, silver and black flicker shads, etc. The bite was also non-existent from noon through 3:30, and that's when we started finding action. All in all we got three keepers from 16-18 inches, three just shy of the 15 minimum, and a handful of little cigars. We also found a largemouth, a good sized wiper (on my lightest jig tackle!), and two bonus crappie.

I've heard there can be a really good walleye bite out here, including really nice size at times, but it seems to be early morning and late evening and when there isn't too much boat pressure. Also, I haven't fished here until this year, but the water clarity seems to be really poor because of all the rain this spring. I would imagine a few warmer, dryer days might get some really good things going out here for the walleye.

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