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Open Water Fishing Preview 2019!

It's only late February, but it's time to start thinking about booking trips for 2019 because the ice will be gone before you know it, and cabins and resorts book up fast! That's right, pretty soon icy Lake Sakakawea is going to look more like this:

The water level forecasts for Lake Sakakawea aren't quite as high as they were last spring, which is good since things were near flood stage early last year. The baitfish numbers are about as high as they've ever been, and things should be shaping up for another really good year of walleye fishing, both in terms of numbers and size.

We're also probably going to make some trips out to Devil's Lake, so that's worth thinking about too. I'm more curious about their water levels and where they wind up after snowmelt given that last year water levels were actually a little low and fishing changed as the walleye left some of the good shoreline spots and headed deeper, likely chasing more perch than white bass. I'm sure it'll still be a good year, but the momentum still seems to be with Lake Sakakawea until proven otherwise.

Get ahold of us on our contact page or call 641-420-3214 to book a trip now! I'll have a long consecutive run at Lake Sakakawea June 23 - July 7, which would be an absolute ideal time to get on a good bite!

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