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Sakakawea - August 1

The walleyes on Lake Sakakawea have now firmly moved into summer patterns and spots the last few days, loading up on deep structure in 18-32 feet depending on the area of the lake. You can still find them shallower on points and flats with some wind pushing into a spot and stirring things up, but absent those conditions the largest numbers of fish are spending much of their day on sunken islands, tips of points, and deep flats. Up in the Deepwater & Van Hook area, 18-24 feet is common, and down here by Garrison 28-32 is a good starting point with the clearer water.

One continuing trend that has lasted for a while is that bottom bouncers and crawlers seem to be catching the most quality fish while jigging raps and crankbaits - typically bigger fish presentations - seem to be catching mostly small fish. I imagine with enough time spent and some sorting done, one could get some good fish on either, but there will be lots of juvenile 12-14 inch males getting in your way for sure.

As the fish congregate on some of these deep structures, vertical presentations have also become very effective again. A good old jig and half crawler is perhaps the best way to load up the boat when you get into a huge pod of walleyes. I haven't used slip bobbers, but I imagine that would work quite well too as I've had plenty of hits "dead-sticking" my jigs. Most fish are also very much inhabiting the main lake, so look for the structures next to deep open-water basin.

We still have openings in August and September if you want to get in on the summer bite, and then soon it will be fall hog-hunting time! Give us a call or send us a message.

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