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Sakakawea - June 6

The program is still about the same, it's just starting to get a little better for many spots on Lake Sakakawea. Some smaller males are showing up for more action, and there are still quality fish to be found as well. Deepwater Bay and Van Hook have been really good this week. The skinnier river area up by New Town and the Four Bears Bridge is still putting out fish, but there are some smaller ones to sort through, and many of the migrating fish have move on now. If you want size, Van Hook and Deepwater or Douglas Bay are much better choices right now.

We've had our best luck still on rock and gravel points, especially ones with some wind blowing in there. We've been looking for places we can sit in ten feet of water and pitch right up to shore with a good full cast. Many fish come up in a couple feet of water, but we also get about as many vertical jigging under the boat. There are also plenty of smallies, white bass, and pike in the mix up shallow this time of year, so all around action can be pretty fast and fun with all the species.

Water temps are hitting low to mid-60s in a fair amount of the popular bays now, though the wind can stir things up if it gets pumping hard. If you can find good spots in water above 60, you have a really good shot at some walleye action. Plastic swimbaits and jerk minnows have been producing almost as well as live bait now too as the water keeps warming and the fish get more aggressive. Lindy and spinner rigs can work as well. Days where the wind switches and really gets blowing hard will change things in a hurry, though, so that's a big thing to pay attention to when planning a day on the water.

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