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Sakakawea & Missouri River - May 12

The bite finally got going in the last week or ten days on the Missouri river near Bismarck, and the post-spawn bite should be just around the corner on Sakakawea. The ice came off late, but it could have been worse if not for the warm weather the last week or two. Things were pretty much fully open around May 8. The fish didn't wait long to spawn and started dropping eggs on the lake about a week ago. I happened to luck into seeing the action with the Game and Fish netting walleyes and harvesting eggs. In fact, I even got a video out of the deal which I think was one of the coolest I've ever captured on film. Check that out here:

It usually takes ten or twelve days for the post-spawn bite to start going once they begin spawning, so we should probably see some action around that May 16-20 timeframe. That said, I believe there is some activity west of New Town already up in the river, but I haven't been there to see it for myself.

If you'd like to book a trip, fishing should be heating up pretty quickly, and I have plenty of open dates in May as well as a few in June if you check out the calendar. Until then, here are some more videos I've dropped already in this early season.

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