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Sakakawea - Aug 4

The shallow summer bite had a good run with the rising water levels and mild temperatures, but it appears to be over. The bite is still strong, but most of the fish in the Deepwater area are averaging 22-30 feet, and the east side is closer to 30-40 with some out to 50 feet deep. Bottom bouncers and crawlers are still great, but the leadcore and jigging rap bite may start being better bets certain days both to trigger bites and - for leadcore specifically - to cover water when fish scatter some.

Limits of fish are still the norm, but it may take another hour or two at this point and require more sorting of fish as some smaller ones have moved into some of the popular spots. It's the "dog days of summer" for sure now, but that doesn't mean not catching, it just means fishing differently. The lake put out limits of fish most days all through fall last year, and that could still be the case this year if a fisher person can adjust and follow the bite.

August is close to full on the schedule, but there are some openings later in the month. September has openings and can still be a great time to catch fish and avoid some crowds. Then, of course, October is my favorite month of the year, and some of that is starting to fill up. If you want to give a run at the Wall Hangers title, October is your best bet!

And now, the videos...speaking of which, thanks to all of you who have subscribed! My goal for the summer was to get to 1,000 and reach that monetization point on YouTube, and I'm sitting at 925 today, so thanks for all the support! It really makes it all worth while knowing that people enjoy them and get something out of it. Here are the latest:

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