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September 26

It's technically fall now, and though it's not a "post-turnover" bite, the fishing has really picked up the last week already. Water temps are around 63 degrees most places, and we're seeing a very good amount of "overs," 20-26 inch fish lately in the mix with nice eaters. Minnows are definitely the live bait choice, and jigging raps are working great too. The lake continues to amaze this year at the numbers being caught, and now big fish are easier to come by as well. It should only get better as the weather gets colder, and October is making me quite excited!

Fish are quite spread out now - both on location and depth - and that'll be the case till turnover, but the ones you find are being quite cooperative lately, especially the windier days but even pretty good on calm ones. You can consistently find fish in 20-30 if a good chop and maybe out to 50 feet if it's calmer, but they are starting to trend a little shallower. It's also possible to find some in 10-15 at the right times and places. We're also seeing more smelt in that 25-30 foot range, which will keep bringing fish in reasonable depths.

We do have some openings for October, glory's last shot for the Wall Hangers competition! And now, the videos:

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