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Sakakawea - May 11

Updated: May 12, 2022

The post-spawn walleye migration bite is starting to go a little up north of New Town, but you need to get up there a ways, White Earth Bay and further. Super fat, healthy fish when you find them. Water temps are 52-53 up there, only 44-46 by New Town. My advice is to keep looking until you find at least 50 degree water, better if a little stained and dirty. You can mark fish in the colder areas, but they're much less active.

East end near Garrison is still sitting in the mid-40s as well and haven't really had the post-spawn bite pick up yet. Need a few more warm days likely for that to go.

I haven't fished anywhere in between yet, but I'd imagine the story is similar; need a few more warm days.

We normally don't talk about this too much, but the smallmouth bass bite has started to go. It's about to get pretty hot, and a few have asked about booking those trips, so if anyone wants to get on smallmouth bass, anytime next two weeks should be good to excellent for that bite. Lots of pre-spawn tank smallmouth to be had! Check out the video for that below, still fishing them a little deeper, but soon they'll be up shallow and going totally bonkers.

Ramp situation: New Town Marina is good, Four Bears Casino has a temporary launch (metal grates), North Sanish Bay is NOT functional unless they lay a temporary, Deepwater North Ramp has about 20 feet of concrete under water and possibly just enough water to navigate the channel, Indian Hills is good, Steinke Bay has two docks at the low water ramp, and Fort Stevenson is good on the west side but the east has only maybe 3 foot of water in the main channel out (possible, but you need a map chip).

Have a little availability yet, especially May and August (but still a couple slots in June and July), so get ahold of me if you want to get out! Also, we finally have some open water videos in case you'd like to watch.

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